It was so great to have found Rockatar.com for my 12 year old guy. I love to see him using internet for educational purpose and at the same time he is enjoying his time. Rockatar is a subtle way t get your kid engage in the web in a safe way. Thank you Rockatar

- Jim K



Never knew learning online was this much easy and fun too. My twins enjoy creating their own band in the Virtual Practice Studio. It's cool!!

- Anna T



Kids love listening to all the nice songs in Rockatar Lessons. I do not get very much disturbed when I take the news paper to the hand as they watch the videos on Rockatar Academy. And guess what, they are not watching TV, they are actually learning something. That's the best about Rockatar.

- Paul K



I am 20. Felt bit awkward to use Rockatar.com at first. Tried for few days. Man, it's cool. Rockatar not only cater for kids. Great stuff for us too. Thank you Rockatar!!

- Lennie W.