At, our team puts forward their best efforts to ensure that our platform remain safe, secure and suitable for our audience of all age. Maintaining the quality of our platform is one of our major concerns, especially for the benefit of the younger audience of our site. To keep up with the quality standards of this platform, we are very mindful about the content that is posted on our website by the users, and appreciate their cooperation in this regard.


In order to comply with the quality standards that are acceptable on our website, following are some advices for individuals. By minding these simple guidelines you can lend us a helping hand in making our website more suitable for our entire audience.


Advice for Young Learners


Our website is designed for audience of age 13 and above. A lot of our budding performers are usually quite young and should be very careful about what they do on the Internet. For all our young visitors, here are some guidelines to follow. Following these, you can ensure that you or your parents don’t get into any trouble:


1.       First and most important is to remember that you should never make a purchase from our web store without the consent of your parents. Children are not allowed to complete any credit card transaction without the assistance of their parents so you should be careful about it.


2.       If you like something, you should talk to your parent about it first. We are quite sure they would be encouraging if what you want can help you in your skill advancement.


3.       You should always use appropriate language when posting any content on the website. Using inappropriate language can lead to the suspension of your subscription.


4.       You shouldn’t post any content that violates the copyright, trademark or patent laws, or someone’s right of privacy in any possible way.


5.       Although we ensure that all the ads and links on our website are secure, you should not click on any ad or link without consenting with an adult first.



Advice for Mature Learners


For our adult visitors, it is even more important to be mindful about what they are posting on our website. They should always ensure that the website remains suitable for students who are much younger than them in age. Here are some tips for our mature visitors that can help them stay out of trouble while they are using this platform:


1.       First, you should always remember that our website is open to an audience of all ages and the content you post should keep this fact under consideration.


2.       You should not post any obscene, insulting, threatening or violent content on the site that can be regarded inappropriate in any way.


3.       You should not post any promotional content on the website, especially links that can cause trouble when clicked on.


4.       When communicating with other members on the site, you should always maintain decorum of respect towards each other, whether young or old.