Online Voice Lessons for How to Enhance Your Vocals

Do you need free singing lessons online? You must have listened to a musician and you could not help falling in love with their voices. You may be amazed to know that those sweet high-pitched melodious voices are not something they achieve with one day. It takes more than it meets the eye and in most cases, they take online voice lessons.
Most of people who have passion of singing cannot do it because of their unpleasant vocals. Some of the best ever composed songs do not get to reach the music industry. Instead, they are only sung within the confines of the bathroom. Many are very afraid to stand before a vocal tutor and let out their awful voices. However, there is a glimmer of hope for all those who would want to sing someday; the online voice lessons. This is the best way to smoothen your voice right from your home without fearing what your audience’s opinions.
Tips on how to Smoothen Your Voice
 Practice with the scales
This might be boring and might get you back to those old school days, which many of us would like to forget. However, all singing lessons start this way. Surprisingly, this is the bottom line of every other music that you listen to. Surely, they are the building stones of all the beautiful tunes that play on our radios. If at all, you own a guitar or piano, use it to as a guiding tool for ensuring that you are always staying in tune.
Get a microphone
While you are taking online voice lessons, you are own teacher, it is always important to have your own microphone. If you are lucky enough, then your laptop may be having an inbuilt one. In addition, you can get one from the nearest musical instrument store and connect it to your PC. It does not have to be the most expensive they got; just an ordinary one will do. Furthermore, launch a recording application on your computer or any other device that you are using.
Play a familiar song
Now when you are done with the scales, it is time to get to more sophisticated things. To start with, as you take online voice lessons, it is advisable you always play your favorite song. This should one that you know the lyrics word by word. Getting to know the whole song will not be a problem, all thanks to the Internet. Research on the lines of the music and learn them well. This is very important since it will help you to concentrate more on the singing and not on what to sing.
Record yourself
Be set to start the practice, by rewinding the particular music to the start and turn on the recording app. Ensure that you follow the artist as he or she sings. Of most importance, pay more attention to your breathing and in singing the notes just as the artist is doing; your pitch should be at par with theirs. When the song stops playing, stop recording and save the clip. Afterwards, listen to the recording and you can gauge where you went wrong. For best results during your online voice lessons keep repeating this exercise and in the long run you will get the voice you have always wanted.