Music Theory Lessons – Why Important?

Music theory lessons are a very important step for those wanting to learn an instrument, more so the guitar. Though it may not sound as strumming on a guitar or learning new notes, it is vital for those who aspire to be musicians someday. It is expected of a musician to have a basic knowledge of music theory; and plays an important role in your music. Music theory lessons will give you a clear understanding of how music functions and operates. To be realistic, it may put off a few enthusiasts who expect guitar lessons to be a ‘boom, boom, rock the room’ affair from day one. But if you are a serious learner, music theory lessons can help you improve your guitar skills and will help you mature into a composer and music artist. Music theory lessons should be considered as literacy lessons for those who want to be successful musicians. Here are three additional reasons why you should consider taking music theory lessons.
Music Theory Lessons help you Understand the Guitar Fretboard Better.
Music theory lessons will help you understand the connection between the notes on your guitar fretboard and the music you play. Once you have a basic understanding of this, you will be able to relate more to the music you play and understand how they function together. If we are able to clearly understand how different notes are connected and related to each other, this will greatly help in enhancing the range and creativity in our music. It will also help you innovate and improvise in a conditioned and technically correct way; a definite prerequisite to making great music.
Music Theory Lessons help you Better Understand the Way Different Chords Function
Different chords in a guitar have their own unique characteristics, which can broadly be classified as major, minor, augmented, or diminished. Music theory lessons help us understand how different chords are attributed to different scales and how they function in these scales. Music theory lessons also help us become familiar with “pull-off” from the guitar fret board and our own guitar chords.
Music Theory Enhances your Understanding of Crafting Guitar Solos
Creating a good guitar solo is not just about bunching some random notes based on some pentatonic scale. Creating a guitar solo is like combining a jigsaw puzzle. You need to understand how the different pieces connect and relate to each other to make a complete picture. Music theory lessons will help you understand the correlation between the different notes and how they combine and relate to the chord progression. This knowledge will help you put all the pieces together to create a mind blowing guitar solo.
The three points mentioned above can help you become a skilled and accomplished guitarist. There are many who have never had such a musical training and are good guitarists nonetheless. But that was then. Music has progressed; it has evolved into an art form where the basics are done with. Music theory lessons are an essential towards perfecting your music skills, and Today only has room for perfection.